Easter’s Finally Here…

Whether you’ve succeeded in a 40 day period of sweet free living or are just looking forward to some chocolate indulgence…. Easter is finally here.

Now it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t put a spin on it for the upcoming Holidays.

Those that have had the pleasure in indulging in our hand made fudge will appreciate the sweet but classic twist of our Creme Egg Fudge. Also if you haven’t even tried the classics, now is the time!

As much as we love delivering to your door be sure to pop by our Easter Markets this weekend to meet the team, we’ll be selling on the streets of both Stroud and Hereford!


hand madefudge


Also another quick update on our European sales……


German’s are reveling in the uniqueness of our hand made decadent fudge and we’ve had a series of large orders shipped out ready for this weekends Easter temptations.

As a small and local business within the Gloucester area we are glowing to see the impact our fudge is having abroad.


We wish all our customers and consumers a Happy Easter and stay tuned for more news coming soon!



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