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Maple and Pecan


We are pleased to announce our 2022 award of Three stars with Guild of fine food,the only fudge producer to gain three stars and in the 1% of three star winners.
The new flavour is Honey fudge, made using Gloucestershire summer honey, It will have a limited period you can purchase it as Bex likes to have the floral notes.

You may find this hard to believe, but it was never our intention to make fudge. Yes, really.

Our founder, Bex Whittal, set out to make cakes, the best cakes. In 2011, while Beccy was rocking the world of baking with her amazing creations, she introduced fudge to her customers. Not just any fudge, the pure indulgent kind, the kind of fudge that melts in the mouth, the best fudge.

So, this is where Bex’s story took an unexpected turn. The demand for her fudge kept rising, and the time came for Whittal’s fudge to stand on its own two feet.

becky whittals fudge


Beccy grew up on her family’s farm right in the heart of Gloucestershire. From a young age Beccy learnt to respect and love local ingredients, this together with her passion for good food led her to become the talented chef she is today.

In 2000, Beccy completed her studies and started her successful career as a qualified chef in the Cotswolds. For 12 years she worked in fine dining restaurants and AA Rosette restaurants set in prestigious hotels known for their culinary excellence before setting out on her own.

Beccy’s sheer hard work, experience and love of creating high quality confectionery was the winning formula for Whittal’s sister company, Cake Aspirations. This courageous spirit, together with a heart full of pride, is Beccy’s inspiration behind Whittal’s fudge.

Whittal’s fudge is created by Beccy and her team of flavour experts in a purpose built commercial kitchen on her family’s farm. The skilful team use creamy butter and Herefordshire cream to ensure every bite of the delicious fudge is an unforgettable melt in the mouth experience.

I never set out to sell fudge all those years ago, yet here we are selling in large quantities and exporting. We wouldn’t have got this far without you my loyal customers and this is why we have created this fantastic online shop for you to enjoy choosing your favourite flavours in the comfort of your own home. We will continue to attend events and look forward to seeing you all soon.