Brownie bombs

Following the popular demand of our original Brownie Bombs, we are pleased to announce that we have now increased our range of flavours and added our Special Editions.

What are Brownie bombs?

Brownie bombs serve 4 and can be a dessert to share amongst the people you love, unless you’d like to indulge in one on your own of course….

Each Brownie bomb is rolled by hand, with a delicious centre encased in our triple chocolate brownie, then coated in the finest Belgian chocolate. We make our quirky desserts in our custom built kitchen on our family farm in the heart of Gloucestershire.

We use Netherend dairy butter and our own free range eggs off the farm, which are collected daily by Beccy’s father with gorgeous orange yolks.

How do you eat them?

We suggest cutting them in half or sections, you can serve them cold or slightly warm with ice cream, Custard or lashings of thick double cream. We will let you make that call!

Choose from the following flavours……..

Raspberry Ganache – Made with lashings of thick double cream, white Belgian chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.

Salted caramel Fudge- Our TOP 50 Great taste winning fudge, made using Cornish sea salt which balances the sweetness perfectly.

Baileys Ganache-  For all our Baileys fans, A creamy Baileys Ganache, made with 33.6% Belgian chocolate, Baileys liqueur and thick double cream.

All butter Toffee- Our traditional chewy toffee, made with real butter to give it that well balanced creamy taste.

Black Forest- This triple chocolate bomb is made using freeze dried cherries enrobed in a milk chocolate ganache with a naughty hint of kirsch.

Chocolate Orange- By far one of our best sellers, our chocolate orange brownie bombs have a creamy truffle like centre made with a natural orange extract, encased in triple chocolate brownie and coated in milk chocolate.

PLEASE NOTE that Brownie Bombs have two months shelf life from day of order not day of delivery. Once cut open they should be eaten between 2-3 days.

Bombs need to be kept in a cool dry place, preferably below 15 degrees. A cool larder is ideal.

UPDATE: Any bombs purchased from 5th January in the sale MUST be cut in to and eaten within 2-3 days.

Many thanks.